In honor of Grant Gordon, The Grant Gordon Initiative For Chefs, Inc. was formed to award financial assistance to a Houston area chef or individual in the hospitality industry who has gone through a crisis or hardship, due to an illness, or other reason. On October 2, 2016, Chef David Guerrero was presented a check at the Houston Culinary Awards put on by My Table magazine for his devotion to his profession despite recurring health challenges.

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Chef David Guerrero, Paul Gordon, Devin Tomiak, Forrest Gordon

Chef David Guerrero is well known in Houston for his restaurant, Andes Cafe'. His passion as a chef has given him the courage to battle brain cancer and associated depression by cooking every day and running his restaurant. His patrons have admired his perseverance and immense courage and as one noted "with grace and formidable will, David always finds the way to set yet another gorgeous plateful of food on the table."